Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 365 of 365 days

For 365 days I’ve taken a picture every day. It became a kind of way of living. A picture is easily taken, but to show up every day with nice picture was sometimes a big challenge.

Through the year I learned a lot. Usually I have to take loads of pictures from a subject/situation before I am satisfied. Now it takes me a few clicks. A lot of times I was suprised by a picture and very happy with this project because otherwise I never had taken that picture. Like this one.

To post 365 pictures in a row on a blog is also dealing with the thought what I want to share from my life with the ‘whole world’. I think more bloggers are struggling with this dilemma. So I decided not to post very private pictures from my family or others.

This project gave me new friends and learn from the different way of living. My meeting with Doniene and her husband Mike was a highlight of these 365 days.

Every picture is taken on the day I posted it. Some I had to post a few days later because I didn’t have connection or computer by hand. Except… and here is my confession: Day 220. I didn’t take a picture on day 220. In my opinion I had to stop this project and start again. But then I thought that my readers will forgive me. Nobody is perfect. I was already so far. I took 2 pictures on day 221.

 A lot, really a lot of pictures didn’t make it to be posted, while they are beautiful. I had to make a choice.

Picture 365 is my camera which traveled with me in my purse to a lot of places in the Netherlands, but also to Germany, Belgium, England, France and even the US. I will miss the weight of it on my shoulders. (914 gram, almost a kilo). I love this camera.

 I still want to learn more about photography so maybe I come back with a '365 days blog in black and white' or something. I have more ideas in my mind. For now I will take a time out and you can follow me on my main blog ‘ Quilting with the Past’. I have a photography blog. I will open it again and I will post a picture once in a while.

Thank you all for your visits, comments and emails. Your comments mean a lot to me. Thank you.
 I would love to hear which picture of all 365 is favorite to you.

 'Lucy’s 365 days' is a diary of 365 days in my life.



  1. I loved all your photos, but my favorite would have to be the photo of the horses in the dunes! It was the picture that initiated our meeting - one of the highlights of our life! We speak of you often and look forward to the day when we can meet again!


  2. Your blog has been such an inspiration! Thank-you. I couldn't imagine picking one picture. The way you compose you pictures always impresses me.
    I think that the blog has been great to mark a year in my life and have really enjoyed it, but am looking forward to a break.

  3. Loved all the pictures that I saw. And it really is a great task accomplished with flair.

  4. A fitting picture of your trusted 'friend' to end this blog, good choice! I loved following this blog, practically every day (a few days circumstances prevented me from doing this) I would sit down with my morning coffee and start the day with your new picture. In a strange way, also for me it was maybe not so much a way of living, but a really nice routine, a great way to start the day. I will miss it. I loved the photo's, and have learned a lot from them. I have taken a photography course during your blog because I want to make better pictures than I do now, especially for my own blog, but have found out I do not share your passion for photography. I do share your passion for quilting though, and cannot make up my mind if my favorite picture is among the pictures of quilts or among the pictures of guinea pigs (I love those little creatures with their funny personalities, and cute, cute ears and faces), but there are so many great pictures of other subjects too. I will revisit this blog often, to enjoy and to learn, so please keep it online, even if no new pictures are added anymore. Thank you for taking the time to make this blog, the effort of making and posting an interesting picture time and time again. I will follow your other blogs, of course, I really look forward to your posts on those, so until we meet again......

  5. I loved seeing your day to day pictures Lucy. I especially enjoyed the photographs of your home town and the scenery whilst on your bike rides. I think the favourite photo of mine apart from your quilting and crocheting pictures was the one of two of your daughters jumping for joy when you were on holiday. Then again your kitchen pictures, your flowers, dear Joseph and your guinea pigs, the evening pictures, so many Lucy that are pictures to be treasured by you and your famiy. Thank you for sharing this with us and I wish you all the very best, Ann xx

  6. Lucy, I have enjoyed following your journey through your photos - I'm sorry that I 'joined' in late and haven't yet seen all of them. I have loved seeing the photos of your part of the world, the scenery, architecture and of course those special moments of your children jumping for joy, swimming and enjoying the guinea pigs, not to mention of course your gorgeous craft/quilting/ crochet photos and special little parts and vistas within your home. Thank you for sharing them all. I look forward to seeing more of your work and photos in the future on your other blogs.

  7. Dag Lucy,

    Dank je wel voor 365 dagen mooie foto's! Ik heb hier vaak even gekeken, iedere dag een nieuwe foto kijken is ook een 365 dagen project;) Nou viel ik pas in op 8 mei(als ik het goed onthouden heb) de foto van de lege mand van Joseph en de foto van Joseph eronder. Het raakte me zeer, en om het verlies van zo'n lieve hond, maar ook dat je kon overbrengen door de foto's hoe zeer het jullie raakte hem te verliezen.
    Verder inspireerde je me om vaatdoekjes te breien;) en je blanket voor je dochter inspireerde me er toch 1 zelf te gaan haken. Dus dank je wel en ik blijf kijken op je quilt blog voor nieuwe inspiratie! groetjes, Martine

  8. Hi Lucy, I've gone through your diary (all 365 pictures) and have to admit it's really difficult to pick up only but one picture. But if I really had to, then it will be day 174.
    I've been following your quilting blog for some time but it's your diary that gave me the chance to "meet" you. Your pictures always inspired me and will continue.
    Everything you write about a diary blog is so true: difficult to make a picture every day; difficult to select the picture of the day...
    But thanks to the support of blog-friends, one doesn't give up and carry on the adventure until the end (I still got 58 days to go).
    Thank you Lucy for sharing this one year pictures with us; thank you for being a "eye" when I needed to.
    I will continue following your other blogs adventures so I can tell to "tot ziens".

  9. Hello Lucy,
    Thank you so much for your year of photos, I have enjoyed following along with you. It's amazing how much happens in one year. My overall impression is that all of the pictures are calm and graceful, so I imagine they reflect your personality !
    Look forward to seeing more of your quilting projects, I do love the way you put colors together.

  10. Hi, Lucy,
    I loved all your pictures!
    The one which comes first on my mind is "empty...". It said it all.
    And then I loved the tenderness of a Mam photographing her daughters!
    The different landscapes inspired to travel by mind.
    And I liked a lot the various objects, fabric, tools, kitchen-, garden- and other things!
    I think I will enjoy re-looking at your pictures from the beginning.
    Best wishes and Happy Quilting!

  11. Thank you Lucy, thanks for sharing your lovely and interesting photos with us. I have been enjoying them. Well done for completing 365 days of photos. You will be missed...

  12. Congratulations on completing the journey and thank you so much for bringing us along!

  13. Lucy, I have enjoyed your photographic journey this past year. It is hard to pick a favorite. I have enjoyed your photos of little everyday details in your life, like the faucet, handwork, guinea pigs. Have especially enjoyed photos of the girls, your son sewing for his girlfriend, and your husband's hands (painting, playing guitar, working on his bike, etc...). I know you'll treasure these photos and moments, especially the family ones. What is YOUR favorite photo?

  14. Gefeliciteerd. Je zal het nog heel erg missen in het begin. Veel plezier in de zwart/wit versie?

  15. Het was genieten van alle foto's.
    Ze hadden allemaal iets te vertellen...
    Wat mij in het bijzonder opviel was uw oog voor details.
    Dit vind ik meer dan een kunst op zich...het zegt zoveel over de sfeer,de kleur en de structuur...
    Ook voor mij was het al een vaste waarde om 's morgens met mijn potje koffie nieuwsgierig te neuzen naar de nieuwe foto.
    Ik volg je verder...maar mis de kiekjes nu al

  16. Thank you VERY MUCH Lucy, for this year of wonderful photos... it's been very inspiring in many ways... I am happy to discover your photography blog and will stop by from time to time. Thank you also for your advice about cameras. I am having so much fun with mine now and am learning how to use it every day.
    "see you" on your two other blogs ;-)

  17. I'm going to miss seeing a piece of your world each day. Probably there were pictures you didn't think were special because they were part of your every day that were really so interesting to me. Your coffee grinder, for example. So unlike my own. I enjoyed this blog very much and realize what a lot of work it was to post one photo every day. Thank you.

  18. Wat een prestatie. Ook al vind je fotograferen leuk je moet hem dan nog wel steeds op je blog zetten. Het lijkt me ook nog wel lastig om inderdaad niet in herhaling te vallen. Ik vind je foto van je dochter met cavia echt super.

  19. Congratulations, Lucy, what an amazing achievement!!! Each and every photo is truly beautiful and i would have great difficulty in choosing just one favourite, there are so many favourites!! Thank you for allowing us to join you on this 365 day photographic's been awe inspiring!! cheers...Marian

  20. Lucy, I just came here from your blog post today. Your pictures are amazing. I love them all. So many of them remind me of the years I spent in Nederland, Den Bosch and Wassenaar. You have captured so many precious moments in your life, the life of your town and country. Thank you for sharing them. I only wish I had known sooner. Groetjes en tot ziens.

  21. I have enjoyed looking at your *365* day project. Beautiful country that you live in.

  22. Hello, What a wonderful record of your year. I've just looked through all your photos and loved them all. Your quilts especially are beautiful, Dutch fabrics are exactly the sort I like, very pretty but soft. I have the book "A History of Dutch Quilts" and find it so inspirational. Now I'm off to see your other blogs! xx Debbie.