Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 203 of 365 days

Today I repaired a quilt for a friend of my 20 year old daughter. Her mom started this quilt for her just before she was diagnosed with cancer. She had a hard time to finish it. Instead of sewing, she glued the last pieces together and a few years ago she passed away. Look at this painting her mom made on the backing.


  1. Such a wonderful help, Lucy: thanks to you that girl will keep one of the last presents of her mum for long time.
    Such a precious souvenir.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes Lucy, I am so glad you have been able to help with this beauiful precious quilt. The memories attached to this quilt of her mother will stay with the young girl forever. The painting is so unique, you are very kind, xx

  3. Dit zijn van die dingen dat je hoop dat als jou dat overkomt een ander jouw dochter ook helpt. Zoals we hier dan zeggen "goed gedaan", meissie"
    Dit is wat ik altijd voor idee had over quilten. Blijft die verf wel zitten als je de quilt doet wassen?